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Growing up with four brothers, I was lucky enough to win the prize of the attic bedroom! It was so peaceful up there - cosy, sunny, bright and mine! I spent many hours sitting on my window sill, singing to my heart's delight , enjoying the views. Many of which were glorious!

Here started a love for the sky and everything beautiful.

As a mother of six, I can't blame every late attendance to school on the sky that we had to stop and enjoy on the way, but I'm sure it's not far from the truth! My children would affirm that claim.

Their father has blessed us all with his insatiable desire to see the world, and is constantly looking for work in outlandish places. We've found magnificent skies from Guatemala to New Zealand, and his expedition to Antartica conjured up a whirl of emotion as we waited to hear from him (as, hopefully the painting depicts!).

In 2018, we were able to buy an old, beautiful concrete boat and have an incredible adventure sailing from Santa Barbara, California (during the wildfires) to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Many seascapes, though impossible to capture on camera, will forever remain treasured in my minds eye, and are one by one making their way on to canvas. The star filled night skies in the middle of the ocean are hard to describe in words, and maybe one day I'll find a way to tell their story with a paintbrush.

I feel deeply blessed to have seen and enjoyed so much of the world, but of all the places we've been, home is where I long to be. It is here that my family hear me shout, 'Look at that sky!' more than anywhere else we've ever been. The skies, the landscapes, the rain and the sun on the hills of Dumfries and Galloway are so often simply stunning.

The growing desire for me, as an artist, is to share what I see and experience in the moment to something permanent and tangible for others to enjoy for good!

I hope you enjoy the content here. If you have any questions, or would like to know more about any of the paintings, please feel free to email me,


Ellie Goodare


  • Baerlochan House Twynholm, Kirkcudbright DG6 4NP, UK
  • Google maps directs you to the Chocolate Factory, my studio is on the opposite side of the A75



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